Meet Robert Pullen-Miles

As Mayor and Councilmember, Robert Pullen-Miles has kept his promise in protecting our green open space, investing in the next generation of leaders, improving our infrastructure, and protecting us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Helped lead the effort to open three new parks, including the Larry Rudolph Park, Charles B. Hopper Park, and Frank Hogan Park
  • Opening the City’s Community Center that provides an arrange of services including special services for our seniors, youth, and families.
  • Opening a new library to make sure our families, and students have a safe space for activities such as homework help, computer access, and other services.
  • Advocated and secured a $2 million dollar grant from the state for street improvement projects.
  • Proposed and successfully secured a $4 million dollar grant from the state for the construction of a new Youth Development Center in the City of Lawndale, which will provide an arrange of social and academic services for youth and families.
  • Working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by authoring and successfully passing a city ordinance prohibiting residential and commercial evictions. 
  • Investing in infrastructure projects in our community to keep our residents, and students safe as they travel to and from school. These enhancements are designed to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.
  • Championing the creation of affordable housing units across the city. 
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