As your next California State Assemblymember, Robert will continue to create equitable solutions for our communities just as he has done over the last 24 years in public service as Mayor of Lawndale and as the District Director for Assemblymember Autumn Burke. He is the only candidate with the experience needed to lead us during these difficult times. 

That’s why he’s running for State Assembly: to fix our broken state government and move our state forward with the right priorities for our families.

Job Creation

Throughout his service as Mayor, and Councilmember, Robert has helped to cut the red tape to assist local small businesses. Due to his efforts, our region has attracted new retail stores – including a new Target store and other great small businesses – that have created good job opportunities for our families and have boosted revenue for vital services. 

Robert has a proven track record as a job creator. He will bring that expertise to Sacramento to make sure we lead in creating good paying jobs with a focus on enhancing California’s career technical education programs, employment sector job growth including tech, hospitality, nonprofit, and computer science.

Public Safety

As the father of three daughters, Robert knows that prioritizing public safety is the right choice for our families. He believes that addressing the roots of crime, investing state dollars in our neighborhoods, and supporting public safety measures are key to keeping our communities safe.


If this epidemic has shown us anything, it’s that despite a strong economy many families are only one paycheck away from losing their homes. California is the fifth largest economy in the world, but our state’s homelessness crisis has reached unprecedented levels. 

As our Assemblymember, Robert will fight to ensure that we are combating our homelessness crisis by providing wraparound mental health services and declaring that the right to housing is a human right.

COVID-19 Relief

As Mayor, Robert was proud to lead the City of Lawndale’s COVID-19 response by authoring an ordinance prohibiting residential and commercial evictions, helping organize food giveaway events, and spearheading the “Lawndale Cares” food basket program. As District Director for Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, he connected constituents with rental assistance programs, and cut the red tape at EDD by helping them access thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits. 

Robert understands that our state faces one of the worst public health crises in our history. That is why it is more important than ever to make sure that those most heavily impacted by this pandemic are provided the relief they need. In Sacramento, he will fight to expand rent assistance programs, support tax cuts for small businesses, and reform EDD.

Protecting our Environment

Robert knows the importance of protecting our environment, creating open green space, and making sure everyone has access to our coast. As Mayor and Councilmember, Robert kept his promise and helped reduce greenhouse emissions by opening three new parks in his city. As our Assemblymember, Robert will work to introduce key legislation to bring environmental justice to our coast, continue to protect our public lands, and protect our environment.

Marriage Equality

Robert supports full equal marriage rights under the law. As our Assemblymember, Robert will fight against any proposal that would strip away the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. 

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