Why I am Running


I’m excited to officially announce that I’m running for the State Assembly.

At the age of 19, I moved from Oklahoma to California with only $25 in my pocket in search of better opportunities. For a while it was rough – I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have a permanent place to live. In fact, I spent many months sleeping on couches while temporarily staying at the home of friends.

Since then, I have overcome plenty of adversity in my life. Early on I was told to never ever give up, and — from Oklahoma City to Lawndale – I never have.

I went on to get elected to the Lawndale City Council, where I helped balance our city budget while protecting vital services for our communities. As the first Black Mayor in the city’s history, I have been a leader in economic development for our region that has resulted in the attraction of new businesses and the creation of good paying jobs with a focus on hiring locally first. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was proud to author an ordinance prohibiting residential and commercial evictions because no one should lose their home or small business during these challenging times.

As District Director for Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, I lead the effort in delivering top quality constituent services by cutting red tape from state agencies such as EDD, helping constituents get access to their unemployment benefits. In addition, I successfully advocated and secured a $2 million dollar grant from the state for street improvement projects for the City of Lawndale, and a $4 million dollar grant for the construction of a new Youth Development Center.

As your next Assemblymember, I will do for our district what I have already done as Mayor, and Councilmember: create good paying jobs, help small businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, combating our homelessness crisis, and keep our communities safe. I look forward to earning your support.

As always, I’m PULLEN for you!

Robert Pullen-Miles
Mayor, City of Lawndale

The only candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party Vote June 7th!

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